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French DJ Apologized to Ada Hegerberg

French DJ Apologized to Ada Hegerberg at the ballon d'Or Paris
Martin Solveig apologized to Ada Hegerberg

French DJ Martin Solveig apologised and said he was shocked by the stormy reaction on-line after he asked the inaugural women's Ballon D'Or winner ada Hegerberg whether she could "twerk" live on stage.

The awards co-host in Paris aggravated a torrent of complaints about sexism with his question regarding the sexually suggestive dance, that received a blunt "No" from the unamused Norwegian striker.

The incident was a serious talking point despite Hegerberg's accomplishment in becoming the first winner of the women's Ballon D'Or, an award that has been handed to male footballers since 1956.

Solveig  a musician and radio host, apologised in person to Hegerberg and said he was "astonished" at the reaction.

 Guys i am a touch bit surprised, astonished by what i am reading on the web," he said in a video posted on Twitter.

 Of course I did not need to offend anyone. This was from a distortion of my English level and my English culture level which is clearly not (high) enough.
 This was a joke, most likely a nasty one and i wish to apologise for the one i'll have offended," Solveig side.

Hegerberg  23, whose goals propelled Lyons to a record fifth Champions League title and their 12th consecutive domestic crown, played down the controversy and said it hadn't marred her evening.

 I did not feel it was like that at all to be honest and i am unhappy if individuals thought about the situation like that," Hegerberg said after the show.
She added: "He came to see me after and apologised. The Ballon d'Or is the most vital thing."

Before the ceremony, Hegerberg told The Guardian that she found it "really frustrating" that sport remains "such a man's world".

 Sometimes it's very frustrating, I must say. sometimes you have got episodes or situations where you're feeling like, damn, we're in such a man's world," she said in an interview.
 But at the same time I've never looked at myself different from men's football. I've always felt the same – I work effortlessly to try to achieve my dreams, like every other lady out there."

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