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Alex Meret: ‘Great team at Napoli’


Napoli goalkeeper Alex Meret reveals “this is one among the most effective teams I’ve ever been part of”, and explains his ‘albatross’ nickname.

The youngster joined the Partenopei from Udinese in the summer, however only made his debut this month after suffering a broken arm in his 1st training session.

Today the Italian international Saturday down with Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli to discuss his time in Campania so far, beginning with his uncommon nickname.

 It’s a nickname I’ve simply been given,” Meret explained.

 The goalkeeping coaches say I can cover the entire goal with my long arms, and the albatross is the bird with the widest wingspread.

 My debut was a pretty day for me, because I did it at home, in front of our fans. it was an excellent feeling, particularly because it was at the San Paolo.

 It was vital to feel the pitch and also the trust of my teammates after the injury.

 I felt the support of the fans from the first day of pre-season, and each day I had folks urging me to come back as before long as doable.

“The fans were really important for me, they really fired me up.

“I know I can do well, I have important qualities, so I try to be as calm as possible and let my talent come out.

“It’s obvious that there’s always pressure in Serie A, but I try to isolate myself from it and do my best.

“This is one of the best groups I’ve ever been a part of, there’s great unity and a spirit of sacrifice.

“We help each other, we sacrifice for each other, and even off the pitch there’s a great climate. All that’s thanks to Ancelotti.

 It’s a great honour to work with him, and really emotional. you can see his experience and that he’s worked with unimaginable champions.

 He’s really good at managing the group and the team on the pitch. He always helps us, he communicates with us a lot. He’s a really necessary figure.”

Meret was then quizzed whether he believes he and his teammates will win the Scudetto.

 We’ll undoubtedly attempt, we can’t rule anything out. we work as hard as we will each Sunday and we’ll keep doing that.

 Juve aren’t dropping many points, however if they begin dropping some more then we’re prepared. We’ll see the table a bit alter, but obviously we tend to believe because it’s still early.”

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